Mental Health Solutions

With Plumm’s mental health solutions, you and your team get unlimited access to self-care resources, personal growth support with accredited coaches and therapists.

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Embrace the future of employee wellbeing

Join an expanding global community of companies that recognise the benefits of technology-led employee mental health and personal growth support.

Plumm offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources that caters to the specific needs of your team. Accessible through mobile app or desktop, our platform also seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, Slack, and Okta.

Plumm offers:

  • Better engagement than traditional EAPs
  • Extensive library of self-care and personal growth resources
  • Virtual support from our global pool of experts
  • 24/7 text-based support from EMMA - Plumm’s virtual assistant

Simplify your team’s
wellbeing with certainty

Get a pulse on your team’s mental wellbeing and use the metrics to drive engagement, spot patterns, and make informed decisions.

You’ll enjoy these great benefits as a Plumm Account Admin:

  • Admin dashboard with real-time reporting
  • Totally anonymised reports
  • Monthly wellbeing tools and resources
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

With Plumm you get a holistic and proactive approach to all aspects of mental health. Learn more about our care approach:

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Your teams are in good hands with Plumm

How we experience our mental health isn’t always linear. Thanks to Plumm, your employees get access to solutions that exist across the mental health continuum.

  • Live Well
  • Be Well

Proactive mental health support to help your team Live Well

Every individual on your team will inevitably experience a range of challenges, whether related to their professional career or personal life journey.

Plumm’s self-serve resources include tools to help your people unwind and manage stressors. And our online courses and coaching can support their personal growth.

Video Coaching Sessions
Monthly Live Events
On-Demand Wellbeing Courses
Guided Meditations
De-Stressing Soundscapes
Wellbeing Content
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Guiding your team on the path to Be Well and flourish

Sometimes, we need a little extra support to work through what life has thrown our way. Plumm connects your people to video therapy and chat services when the time is right for them. You can rest easy knowing that your team will be seen in as little as 24 hours – no long waits to access support via the NHS, an EAP, or a PMI provider. Faster support means faster recovery. Which helps drive business growth.

EMMA Virtual Assistant
Video Therapy Sessions
Chat Services
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Family access – available with our mental health solutions

We recognise the importance of family life and interpersonal connections for the overall wellbeing of each individual.

  • Access to EMMA, self-care resources and chat services
  • Up to 3 family members per employee
  • Direct and extended family members are eligible
  • Users must be over 18 years of age

Here’s what our clients say
about Plumm

“When we got Plumm two years ago, we didn’t even realise how much our team needed a service like this. It’s not just a corporate perk but something people use and can benefit from personally. Taking care of your team’s mental wellbeing is the best investment you can make.”

Jan Lepetun
COO @ Undercurrent News

Here’s what our clients say
about Plumm

“We were thrilled to find out about Plumm, which offers a full package of wellbeing support. Two years into our partnership, we have never looked back - our advisors have always been helpful and responsive and have helped us drive up usage month after month.”

Anthony Harmer

Here’s what our clients say
about Plumm

“We carried out a deep dive into sickness absence this year for the last 5 years. And over the last 2 years, our mental health absence has reduced by 20%, which correlates with our investment in mental health support with Plumm.”

Julie Cridland
Employee Experience Lead @ Aster Group

Take the first step to becoming our partner in employee mental health and wellbeing.

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