Our Care Approach

Plumm offers a holistic and proactive approach to all aspects of mental health, from employee resilience to personal growth. Empowerment is central to our delivery model, with our therapists and coaches focused on fostering a sense of control and agency by encouraging self-care, resilience, and positive coping strategies.

Mental Health Continuum

At Plumm, we know that we are not fixed in one place on the mental health continuum forever. That’s why we offer care for every season of life. Our solutions provide support across the mental health continuum, from self-care resources, resilience and personal growth support – through to chat services, video coaching and therapy.

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Scalable and Sustainable

We’re committed to offering preventative support that is both scalable and sustainable. That’s where EMMA comes in.

EMMA is Plumm’s virtual assistant for 24/7 mental health and personal growth support. Available at any time of the day or night, EMMA complements the role of a therapist by providing employees with immediate, always-on support, guidance, and encouragement via text-based chats. As well as understanding sentiment, EMMA can hold a natural conversation, and help teams in real-time to manage life’s daily stressors.

Our Providers

When that extra support is needed, we match people to our 1:1 video therapy or coaching services – depending on which best suits their needs and preferences. We have over 150 accredited therapists and specialised coaches – fluent in over 34 languages. Support is available at all hours of the day, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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Clinical Expertise

Our global pool of accredited experts and therapists specialise in over 12 different areas. This includes psychotherapy, counselling, and even financial wellbeing coaching – just to name a few. All our providers are trained, fully accredited experts in their relevant fields. Careful selection takes place through our rigorous screening process and strict quality control.